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Pieter plays the Chaconne, from Bach's second partita for solo violin in d minor.

Bach Chaconne screengrab.jpg
Pieter van Loenen

During the finals of the Dutch violin competition 'Oskar Back' Pieter played Stavinsky's violin concerto with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the Dutch tv show 'De Tiende van Tijl' Pieter played a fragment of Berg's violin concerto. 

Pieter van Loenen
Pieter van Loenen

Pieter plays the Andante of Bach's second violin solo sonata in the Gotische Zaal of the Raad van State in The Hague.

Pieter was the musical soloist in Night Fall, the world's first ballet for Virtual Reality by Dutch National Ballet.

Pieter van Loenen & Het Nationale Ballet
Pieter van Loenen

Pieter plays the Adagio from Bach's fisrt violin solo sonata.

Pieter was invited to the Dutch tv show Podium Witteman. He and the other finalists talked about the Dutch violin competition 'Oskar Back'. 

Pieter van Loenen
Pieter van Loenen

Watch the video portrait Young Classicals made of Pieter.

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